A fluid is energetic and at the same time adaptive. Its forges its path, steadily. It is yet dynamic and agile. These are attributes we relate to. At the core, we are about the culture in an organisation. This is how FluidCulture defines itself.

The FluidCulture method has evolved out of many years of management experience, experimenting and learning in local as well as international enterprises. Who we are? The founders of FluidCulture – Rodion Amin, valued customers and our trusted partners.

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a journey needs a direction and role models to be successful. Leadership needs to fulfill this role to give direction to employees, customers and partners.


we emphasise that change needs to take place from within by those who are part of the organisation. That would make it real and consider the system as a whole a big step to sustained success. As outsiders, we can initiate and catalyse, deliver tools and methods, be the coaches and sparring partners.


it is almost uncanny that even providers of software and tooling for the digital enterprise will state the same mantra. Tools support but the companies will only be digital if the DNA changes. And they will attribute the same qualities to that DNA. Beyond statement such as flat hierarchies, empowerment, flat decision making processes and more the statement will culminate in a Culture based on Values.
This is where our methods prove their worth. Cultural aspects and values development are the spin off from our initiatives. Saying it differently the initiatives are designed to develop a value set and culture conductive to your business model.


we believe that every company that has experienced success has all required resources. The change in the surrounding environment could make some parts of the pattern of basic assumptions in the organisation dysfunctional. This pattern has evolved over the years and is thus very stable. Our approach looks for signs of this pattern in context with the surroundings. The resulting insights help to find the right approach for the evolution of the system without interfering in its functioning.